Photo by Frode Granum Stang



    Wudewuse (Sondre Bergersen Mæland) is a fingerstyle bard hailing from the woodlands of southeast Norway. He plays a unique style which he brands as "Forest folk". His music is a mixture of tonalities ranging from the folk revival of the sixties, dissonant diminished black metal chords, folk music, baroque/romantic era classical, and classical Indian music.

    With a background in rock and metal, Wudewuse was born as a side project when Sondre was in his early twenties. Now at the age of thirty he has released a cassette, an animation video, and recently his mission statement "Local Spirits".

    Live Wudewuse has opened for acts such as Dylan Carlson (Earth), James Blackshaw, Charlie Parr and Kebnekajse.

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